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(New York - WABC, April 9, 2007) - A lot of people spend a lot of time and money trying to look younger. Now there's a new way to battle the signs of growing old. Eyewitness News reporter Lauren Glassberg has more on some exercises that could help you look younger. Well you might be putt off by the idea of exercise but some of the exercises are fun and they put a whole new spin on aging.

The Revita-Yoga class at NY Health and Raquet Club laughs in the face of wrinkles.
Annalise Hagen has her students work out the muscles in the face, just like they work the muscles of the body. The goal is to counteract the sagging and creasing. She incorporates exercises that she uses when she sings.
"Yoga is such a marvelous system for below the neck but seemed like people could use more ... so I used the exercises I knew and applied them to yoga," she said.

The exercises may not cause you to sweat, but may provide some other benefits.
Pilates instructor Shannon Egleson also pays attention to the face in her classes. The move helps the face to relax. One move puts the jaw muscles to work. But can facial exercises actually reverse the signs of age? Probably not, but ... "I think it's a reasonable thing to start with in your 30s," Egleson said.
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